Newsletter #890

No action for the Blues this weekend, but a master-class display in the FA Cup by our forthcoming opposition.

Tonight we have a report of Anelka’s big interview in France, opinion on the team, and a lovely update from Euan on an incident which concerned a lot of people at the Fulham game.

Next game: Arsenal, home, 3pm Saturday 22 February 2003
Countdown: 83 days to go


Normally, I go to the games with my mum, but I realised in advance of the home game against Fulham that it clashed with an art class, and because I’d inadvertently missed the previous one, I decided that I ought to go. In the cases where I can’t go to the games, mum usually takes one of my nephews, or more usual lately is that she takes my dad. Well, the indoctrination is finally working as dad is now going to have a season ticket in the new stadium! But anyway, back to the evening.

I spoke to dad at about 4pm, we spoke briefly about the game and he sounded pretty excited at going to see City again.

So I went to my art class. I was just doing something with a stencil at about 8pm when my mobile started ringing. Normally I would leave it off but was puzzled as I didn’t recognise the number. When I answered, it was my brother-in-law – he said that something had happened at the game and that mum had taken dad to the Manchester Royal Infirmary. I told him that I would leave the art class and go home and that I would be ready to head over to Manchester if needed, but to let me know of any developments.

When I was in Huddersfield bus station my phone went again; this time it was my sister who told me more of what had happened. Later, when I was in the MRI with the rest of my family, the full details emerged. It turns out that dad and mum had arrived at the ground just as the game was kicking off. Dad had told mum that he needed to go to the toilet (he’s an ex-soldier and so has always drunk vast quantities of tea!) so they’d separated, she went to buy a programme, and he into the gents. They’d arranged to meet at the bottom of the stairs in the Lower Kippax concourse (by the betting shop booth, I guess).

Mum arrived there, but dad didn’t. She looked at a little bit of the game on one of the monitors and then headed to the seats to see if dad had gone on ahead. He wasn’t there, so she headed back to the concourse. It was then that she noticed someone on the ground being resuscitated. Then she saw dad’s baseball cap on the ground and realised that it was him.

I’ll never appreciate how close a call it was. Dad’s heart had stopped and he had to be shocked twice to get his heart going again.

To cut a long story short, dad has had a bypass operation and one of his heart valves repaired, and all being well will be home tomorrow (Monday). He’s going to have to change his lifestyle a little bit but he’s positive and looking to the future now – no more smoking for a start!

This message is really to pay tribute to the many people who all had a hand in saving my dad’s life.

First those we can name:

  • Carol Quinn from the bar was the first member of staff to get involved.
  • Simon Baxter, the doctor who resuscitated dad and I’m sure would probablyrespond to praise by saying ‘it’s my job!’.
  • The St. John’s Ambulance team, who helped and got dad to the MRI double quick.
  • All the staff at the football club, who have taken an interest from start tofinish and who still call to enquire how dad is, right up to Kevin Keegan andDavid Bernstein who, despite an exciting game going on, noticed dad beingwheeled around the perimeter of the pitch and who both took an interest andexpressed concern. Kevin Keegan has invited dad to meet him at a game beforethe end of the season. Wonderful stuff, and so very much in character of theclub.

To those we can’t:

If you were one of the people in the gents toilet in the Kippax Lower concourse and you raised the alarm when dad collapsed, we owe you a debt of gratitude that is hard to quantify. You saved a life that night.

Mum still gets tearful when she thinks of just how wonderfully well the emergency systems worked and she is aware that everyone at the club is elated that it did too. I think suddenly ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem adequate!

[So glad to hear that your dad’s recovering, City have a lot to answer for as my poor old dad can testify! I’m sure there are a few others out there too – Ed]

Euan Bayliss (


Thought readers might like to see this interview which Anelka gave to the French website post the derby:


For nearly three months, in which time he has refused to honour a selection with the national squad, events again bring Nicolas Anelka to the attention of the media. After having played the return match of the highest profile derby in England between the two Manchester clubs, the attacker confirms to us in an exclusive interview, the day before the match with the Czech Republic, that he will not reconsider his decision concerning his future in Les bleus. His priority is to make Manchester City a large club once again.

“The manager is very persuasive. Recruitment since the beginning of the season has been a priority for the club and lately, the arrival of David Sommeil for example, makes us better. Since coming, the manager told me that the ambition of the club was to become again one of the best in England. That is why I play for them.”

Anelka is well loved at Manchester City. For a week, the media focused only on the derby. Is this a match really so important?

“You have no idea. It is the largest match of the year. All the supporters look forward to this because there’s a manic competition between the two clubs. City have been promoted and relegated over the last few years. But that never prevented the fans from being always there, supporting the team until the good times arrive again. They are ready to accept almost anything, a defeat, a collapse… But not to lose the derby. Especially here, between City and United where the two clubs are rivals since their creation. People have challenged me for at least two weeks. ‘Nicolas lose all that you want, but do not lose this match there…'”

With the first match, apart from the victory, your service had marked the spirits with a goal and a decisive performance… this match was it a one-off?

“No, I am playing better now than I have done since the beginning of the season. What struck me most was the media frenzy. They were saying: ‘But Anelka is not so good anymore!’ It’s only then that you started to notice me again. But I have only been doing my job.”

I saw you running towards the supporters and throwing yourself on them. You’d never shown such an emotion after a goal before?

“It is true, I surprised myself. I had scored already fifteen days before against Birmingham where we won 2-0. But I didn’t celebrate with this mad passion. How can I explain it? I felt that the fans were so happy, I saw these people screaming with joy. I also knew that for the coach (Kevin Keegan) it was important. It proved that City were back. Also, it was the last time that we played against United at home, at Maine Road, because the stadium is being demolished. We were desperate to beat our rivals as always, but I felt a special fervour that day, as if people were ready to crack. When I scored, it was incredible. Enormous emotion. For this reason I wanted to run towards the fans and throw myself in their arms. I’d never done that before, true.”

But why have you adopted an attitude which makes you seem arrogant?

“How can you tell that from how I celebrate a goal? With Arsenal, I thought it was completely normal to score an important goal. I was 17-18 years old and I did not realize. And then I saw players who throw themselves to the ground after a goal, completely idiotic. I know better today. Maybe it’s my age? In any case, I find it less ridiculous to show this kind of feeling.”

Do the English play and spirit suit you better?

“Sure. In any event here I’ve found what I was looking for. Playing in peace. Here people are respectful when they meet you. It is serene off the pitch and this allows you to be serene on the pitch. It is undoubtedly what I missed most when I went to Spain. Three thousand people watching you train, people who cling to you in the street, photographers everywhere… I was not prepared. Perhaps I should have dealt with it, or been prepared for it.”

Do you regret it?

“No, I do not regret anything because it hardened me. And of course because of my football, I gained not only trophies (especially the Champions’ League of the Champions in 2000), but most of all, I improved. Contrary to all that was said, my style of play becamse more sophisticated than when I was at Arsenal where my play was simple: I stayed on the left, the ball arrived and it was good. In Madrid and Paris, all of a sudden, the balls weren’t crossed any more. It was necessary to improve my play, and I learned to play with my back to the goal, also to be more ferocious in making my runs.”

Finally, when you look at your career and this comeback in England, do you think that you left Arsenal too early?

“Whatever happened, if I hadn’t left then, they would have sold me the following year. Look at what occurred with Manu Petit and Overmars. I only decided to do it earlier and it was me who decided, myself.”

Like not playing for the France team?


This Wednesday, Les Blues play against the Czech Republic. Don’t you have a tug at the heart while thinking of your friends who are in Clairefontaine?

“No, none. I am happy for those who are selected and I wish them good luck! I have three days off given by my club because of the international matches and I will use it to go and see friends. There is nothing other to say. ‘I am like that and that will never change!'”

Jacques Santini was however very firm with you, condemning your attitude.

“What does he say?”

Anelka and France are finished. That you had lied by saying to him that you would go, whilst announcing to the press the same evening that you had decided the opposite…

“Nothing was decided on a whim. I already explained and I repeat: this decision was not taken lightly. It was clear to me for a long time that I would refuse to go if I were called up. The fact that I decided to say: ‘I will not come’ and not the reverse. I did not intend to make the headlines, just so things are clear to people, to the public and I believe they understood me. I do not have anything against the national team. Nor the players who are my friends but I do not support the way in which things were done. I have made the decision this summer not to come anymore.”

Isn’t this due to being selected as second choice, after Govou’s injury, which you found unbearable?

“No because I do not claim to be the best player in the world. What I do not like, is that things are not clear. Either he selects me and it is sincere, or he doesn’t, no problem. But there was an ambiguity, as there often is. I felt embarrassed, an odd feeling, a kind of hypocrisy.”

Aren’t your personality and the fact that you undoubtedly speak your mind, in question?

“But I am like that and that will never change! Even if I also believe to have demonstrated understanding when I made less of goal celebrations, for example, and I was reproached for that. I score goals and he says to me that he won’t select me because I’m not proven. On the other hand, he takes someone else, who isn’t proven. Bizzare.”

Jacques Santini says that he will not take the first step.

But that’s not the problem. For me, now, the page of the national team is turned, I am relieved to say. You know, I missed the World cup twice and it didn’t kill me. Here in England I am happy, I get along well with everyone and nobody annoys me with this story. I wish only one thing: that you let me get on with my football in peace.

[Well said Nico, stuff Santini and concentrate on your true home, MCFC – Ed]

Ben Cavanagh (


                Predicted       Average
                Points          Form
Arsenal         82.67           14.00
Newcastle Utd   80.34           15.67
Man Ure         79.06           13.67
Charlton        63.39           11.67
Everton         62.42           9.50
Chelsea         61.75           7.50
--------------------------------Euro Qualification
Man City        59.39           11.67
Liverpool       57.06           7.67
Southampton     57.64           10.17
Tottenham       55.75           7.50
Aston Villa     54.25           10.50
Leeds Utd       50.50           9.00
Blackburn       49.83           7.00
Fulham          40.67           5.33
Middlesboro     38.33           3.67
Bolton          32.03           3.83
Birmingham      30.28           2.33
West Ham        27.03           3.83
West Brom       26.67           2.83
Sunderland      20.83           1.00

Charlton’s surge up the table continues. Alas our form is slipping and Everton & Chelsea’s is improving (their form couldn’t have got much worse though). So this week we only qualify for Europe if 7 qualify for Europe. Interesting to note that Sunderland are predicted to finish with the worst Premiership points total ever.

Blue Anorak – Richard Mottershead (


We quite rightly are enthusing about Shaun Goater and praising him for what he has done for City. We do value the committed player who gives everything when wearing the blue shirt.

But this season, just because some big names have come to the club, everyone seems to have relegated some players to the scrapheap without a second thought. What’s up! Do we want to buy the league or have at least some team spirit left? I am all for a policy of constant improvement but am not in favour of immediate rejection.

Now to my point. Paul Dickov still enjoys a God-like status to City fans, and he doesn’t even play for us. What was his crowning moment? He scored against Gillingham and we won promotion. But we scored twice that day! Without Kevin Horlock starting off the comeback, Dicky’s moment and Weaver’s celebration and City’s resurrection would not have happened.

I’m not saying that one goal makes a player great, but it should at least give him joint cult status with Dickov. Please stop the backstabbing with our Super Kev who has consistently given everything to the cause. He may not be the best but he as sure as hell ain’t the worst (same as Shaun and Dicky). Give him support, not abuse and he’ll give us even more valuable service.

I for one thank Super Kev for getting us out of the nightmare that was Division 2 and feel he is still worth his place.

Stuart Wells (


On the day that Arsenal demonstrated absolute supremacy over the Stretford Satellites, City’s Under 17s won in style in the cold North-East making it 54 points out of 56. Three-nil against Newcastle is yet another tremendous result and let’s not forget many of these youngsters performed in the great 1-0 victory against the Young Lions in the New Den on Tuesday night.

The future is bright, the future is Blue.


MCIVTA 888 contained a journalistic ‘piece’ from Philip Cornwall who writes for Football 365. For those who didn’t read it, he stated that the Rags should have been awarded a penalty and he was pleased to see Fergie (although angry) take the incident with very little fuss. Below is an e-mail I sent to the Editor to which she kindly replied.

Dear Editor.

Having read Philip Cornwall’s piece on the derby, he seems a bigger joke than the team he supports. For him to believe the cockney Reds were robbed is rubbish.

I suggest he watches the incident over again, and he will obviously learn that Sommeil made no contact with Beckham, and if pretty boy carries on the same diving mentality of van Nistlerooy then his popularity will worsen. Good players do not need to cheat to gain an advantage; then again Alex Ferguson has taught them to cheat means to win.

By the way 4 points to us Mancs, 1 point to your Stretford saddo’s.



Philip supports Liverpool.


Sarah Winterburn, Head of football.

Whilst I am on the subject, here is a piece taken from the M.E.N. derby special, by none other than Paul Hince:

Ruud van Nistelrooy had already underlined United’s dominance with a routine far post tap in from a deadly Ryan Giggs cross, and the dutch scoring machine would surely have doubled his side’s advantage from the spot moments later had referee Wiley not been the only person inside Old Trafford not to spot David Sommeil’s blatant trip on David Beckham a good three yards inside the area.

It’s common knowledge that the M.E.N. favours the Rags but journalistic c**p from an ex-Blue defies belief.

Gary Sullivan (


Do you know what really amazed me after the game? The silence!

Making a swift exit out of OT with Maggie (who was booked on the 4.30 back to London), we couldn’t help but notice the deathly silence that greeted us! It was quiet all the way back to OT Metro Station and also on the Metro itself. They had no answer to what they had seen, they couldn’t slag us off as we played so very well in the second half and fully deserved our point (well 3 to be fair but c’est la vie as our French contingent would say!). We daren’t smirk too widely but the feeling of immense satisfaction overwhelmed both of us! Plus the fact Maggie, Adrian, Andy Johnstone and a few of our London Blues actually made the 3.30 train, getting them home an hour earlier than planned! Me? Being the exiled London Blue (and branch secretary) who resides in Bramhall, I managed to have a good chinwag and gloat with Ade before I got off at Stockport station with a big grin on my face to glares from the London Reds – miserable gits didn’t even offer to share their beers! Tsk, such sore losers!

Must be the first time in umpteen years of following God’s own Laser Blues that I have ever experienced such a surreal feeling!

P.S. Come on Arsenal!

Carol Darvill (


Are there any referees out there? If so, I’d be grateful for an update on the rules. I possess a copy of the official laws of the game dated 1975-6, and according to that a direct free kick (or a penalty kick if the offence occurs within the penalty area) should be awarded if a player “intentionally … handles the ball, i.e. carries, strikes or propels the ball with his hand or arm.”

If that rule still applies, then there is no way that Steve Howey committed an offence in the recent derby, and the ref got it right.

What’s more, it makes me wonder why City’s “winner” was disallowed.

David Buxton (


I too thought this was an excellent play and well done to ITV for proving they can still do it when they try. Did anyone notice that when Eccleston was ‘preaching’ to the crowd at Maine Road they were in the Main Stand? When the camera then turned to look at him the Main Stand appeared behind him and empty. A miracle indeed!

Joe Ramsbottom (


Regarding the ‘Maine Road miracle’ as enthusiastically mentioned in your last issue: I’ve just slogged through the first episode on video and have to say I fell asleep before it ended – I’m sure it was quite good really, but perhaps I’m just not ‘Blue’ enough to like things simply because they have a vague City connection.

Anyway, the thing is – was it just me or did the Main Stand appear to be on both sides of the pitch? Having shown the ‘Son of God’ preaching to the masses gathered around the dug outs (cue ‘there’s my seat!’ type exclamations from myself), the film then proceeded to show the aforementioned Holy One with the Main Stand over his shoulder on the far side of the ground! Now tell me this – did he and his disciples keep switching sides on the basis that if you got into Maine Road unhindered you may as well make the most of it, or do ITV consider the Kippax too ugly for TV?

Now it may be just a simple continuity cock-up on the director’s part, but the conspiracy theorist in me reckons that it may be the missing piece in the jigsaw as we search for the explanation of the lack of coverage on The Premiership highlights – basically, someone in ITV hates the ‘new’ Kippax, and given the position of the TV gantry, will do anything to keep it off the screen. It’s no hanging gardens of Babylon I’ll grant you, but surely the punishment outweighs the crime?

The solution? Someone somewhere has got to create a see through screen big enough to obscure the Kippax whilst depicting the North Stand at Old Trafford. This will hopefully prevent further offence and allow us to once again grace the TV for slightly longer than 90 seconds on a Saturday evening. Anyone got a big enough piece of muslin to see us through to the happy symmetry of the new stadium and, I’m sure, blanket coverage?

Andy Quye (


Been a few years now since I e-mailed but watching some recent games prompted me to pose the question: how much is the complete midfield we sold worth now?

Kinkladze/Brown/Flitcroft/Lomas, how much would we have raked in by holding on to them longer before selling them, and indeed would we have sold them had we let the unit develop? I’d be interested in the comments of others.

Also I have some friends in Michigan that I’m trying to indoctrinate into the merits of “soccer”. Can anyone tell me where and how they can see any Premiership games on TV over there? Live? Highlights? Anything?

I’m a Wembley ’76 Junior Blue veteran now exiled in Scotland, but looking forward to his final trip to the shrine that is Maine Road as my friends Ian & Karen have secured me a ticket for the Arsenal game, in the Gene Kelly stand, the only part of Maine Road I’ve never been in!

Brian Morrison (


From the North West Counties Newsletter

Mossley Sign Neil Pointon

Ally Pickering, manager of Mossley, who are in the quarter-finals of the FA Vase, has signed former Football League star Neil Pointon. Pointon, 38, has been player-manager of Hednesford Town, when they were members of the Nationwide Conference and, most recently, KitClub Central Midlands League side Retford United. He played well over 500 League games for several big name clubs including Everton, Manchester City and Oldham Athletic and also turned out for Hearts, Walsall, Chesterfield and Scunthorpe. Pointon went straight in the team at left back in Tuesday’s game at Fleetwood Town due to an ongoing knee injury to another of Mossley’s vastly experienced players, former England semi-professional international, Mark Bradshaw.

Ralph Sheppard (


I read with pleasure that people want to redesign the City magazine and make it more modern.

I think it’s rather disingenuous of Ian Whiteling to claim to be a City fan. He just works for a company who are pitching for the account. I know this because one of the people he’s working with, a Ian Dutnall, is a Charlton fan and he’s been asking similar questions and claiming to support the Blues to try to get the account.

City have asked several companies to bid for the magazine because they want to upgrade it. Just be honest though. It’s a money-making venture. You don’t have to claim to be one of us Mr Whiteling!

Respectfully, Wen Yiduo – Cambodia (


I put a request in last week’s McV for an Arsenal ticket and had a bit of a rant about the difficulties in getting tickets for non-season ticket holders. Kevin, the assistant manager of the ticket office, got in touch with me and we had a long chat about the situation. He was grateful for the feedback and took time to explain the situation from the ticket office’s perspective. One of the points he picked up on was the sale of tickets to Citycard holders via the Internet (this could be extended to away tickets for season ticket holders as well). He said they were looking at this but it would not be in operation next season. Shame – but at least they’re moving along the right lines.

The best bit about the whole episode was that I was able to purchase a ticket for the Arsenal game. It was nice to feel like a valued customer, which as a football fan, I have rarely experienced. The other point is that the only reason that he was able to contact me, was that he saw my article in McV. This goes to show what a powerful vehicle for communication and feedback the McV newsletter is.

Thanks for all the hard work yourself and the others put in (I don’t know how you find the time).

[Thanks John, good to hear you got sorted out – Ed]

John Wilson (


You may have been following the developments of the Darlington Fanzine editor who has been banned from the ground and had his season-ticket revoked.

This issue has been brought to our attention by a number of fans and we are putting together a survey to ask what fans feel are “appropriate” grounds for clubs to ban or evict supporters from their grounds. The findings will be sent to the various decision makers in football – FA / Premier League / FL / Independent Football Commission, etc.

If you know of any examples of just or unjust treatment of fans being banned at your club that could be included in the survey please could you get in touch and we will try and include it in the survey.

Alex Burmaster (


At three o’clock on Saturday, there’s no sign of a match report of the Rags’ defeat by Arsenal on the Trafford Rainbows’ page on When it appears, I’d suggest that all fair-minded Blues vote for Ryan Giggs as man of the match. After all, his influence on the game was pivotal.

Also, if anyone can spare a ticket for the Arsenal game (especially in the Kippax!), please contact me.

In deepest Blue, Peter Sidell (


Chorlton Blues’ next meeting takes place on Tuesday 18th Feb at South West Manchester Cricket Club, Ellesmere Road at 8.00pm.

We are having a special ‘End of an Era’ evening. Our guests include Johnny Hart, Paddy Fagan, Roy Cheetham and Steve Fleet. We expect the evening to be very busy so it is advised to arrive early for a seat.

There will also be the usual raffle, quiz (time permitting) and a free buffet. Non-members are welcome.

Larry Higgs (


League table to 16 February 2003 inclusive.

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal         27 12  1  1 33 13  5  5  3 24 16 17  6  4  57  29  28  57
 2 Manchester Utd  27 11  2  1 26  9  5  4  4 18 16 16  6  5  44  25  19  54
 3 Newcastle Utd   26 12  1  1 25  8  3  3  6 17 24 15  4  7  42  32  10  49
 4 Chelsea         27  8  4  1 27 10  5  5  4 21 17 13  9  5  48  27  21  48
 5 Everton         27  8  4  1 20 12  5  2  7 15 20 13  6  8  35  32   3  45
 6 Liverpool       27  5  8  1 20 12  6  2  5 18 14 11 10  6  38  26  12  43
 7 Tottenham H.    27  8  3  2 25 16  4  3  7 15 21 12  6  9  40  37   3  42
 8 Charlton Ath.   27  6  3  4 20 18  6  3  5 16 16 12  6  9  36  34   2  42
 9 Southampton     27  7  5  2 18 11  3  4  6 10 15 10  9  8  28  26   2  39
10 Manchester City 27  7  1  5 23 19  4  4  6 15 19 11  5 11  38  38   0  38
11 Blackburn R.    27  6  5  3 19 14  3  5  5 13 17  9 10  8  32  31   1  37
12 Aston Villa     27  9  1  4 21  9  1  4  8 10 20 10  5 12  31  29   2  35
13 Leeds United    27  5  2  6 14 14  5  2  7 20 20 10  4 13  34  34   0  34
14 Middlesbrough   26  7  5  1 25 16  1  2 10  5 14  8  7 11  30  30   0  31
15 Fulham          26  7  2  4 16 11  1  4  8 12 23  8  6 12  28  34  -6  30
16 Birmingham City 27  3  4  6 12 18  3  4  7 11 22  6  8 13  23  40 -17  26
17 Bolton Wndrs    27  3  6  4 18 20  2  4  8 12 24  5 10 12  30  44 -14  25
18 West Brom A.    26  3  4  6 11 17  2  2  9  9 21  5  6 15  20  38 -18  21
19 West Ham United 27  1  6  7 13 22  3  2  8 15 30  4  8 15  28  52 -24  20
20 Sunderland      27  3  2  8  8 17  1  5  8 10 25  4  7 16  18  42 -24  19

With thanks to Football 365

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