Newsletter #414

Firstly, thanks to Paul for taking over at very short notice whilst I was away in Spain – cheers. Secondly, Steve Sayer would like to inform everyone that the Torpoint and Newquay games on City’s pre-season tour were not (and have not been) cancelled, as has been touted elsewhere on the Web.

The news is that Eddie McGoldrick has been forced to retire due to a bad back, and Alex Gibson – a respected coach – has agreed to join City as head of youth coaching. City apparently won 3-1 against Torpoint with Alan Bailey getting 2 (reported as Alan Taylor earlier by TeamTalk) and Lee Bradbury the other (anyone go and can do a match report?). This issue has news of moves to rehouse Blue View (see below); a good start for the second incarnation of McVittee FC, only just getting beaten by the favourites for the upcoming WorldNet event; more celebrity teams; and opinion. I have no more Why Blues so please consider writing your own and sending it in.

As far as Internet news goes – Blue View in particular – several sites seem to be springing up and this issue has the offer of disc space and help in finding a new home. At the moment I’m unsure as to how this is being addressed, though Bob Young is making an appeal on behalf of Doug Bennett. It seems to me that if Doug can hang on to the webmaster’s rôle then this must be the best outcome for all; perhaps Doug could write something for MCIVTA to update people on how they can help and how things are proceeding?

This one reaches 2,130 mailboxes; any suggestions for how many individuals?

Next game, Newquay away, Tuesday 14th July 1998


I have written to Mr Bernstein asking him to clarify how MCFC intend to include fans’ groups in the new stadium development. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me with their comments/opinions on the proposed move to Eastlands.

Opinion is divided fairly equally between staying or moving. Some common themes have emerged though and these and the results of the survey will be posted on MCIVTA once the research is complete (end July ’98).

City fans are encouraged to have their say by contacting me at the address below. All comments will be passed onto the Directors in the near future.

Martin Lever (


I reckon we need £1,000 to ensure Blue View stays on the Internet.

I think this is the most important “communication link” we have as City fans.

I know Svenn, Sikpupi and Wookie have websites as I do with I know we have McVittee run by Ashley, Paul and Steve, but I still think Blue View is the best “website” on the Internet. I may be biased being a big fan of Manchester City!

You will see my address on I will be happy to receive any contribution to help Doug and Blue View maintain its fantastic presence on the Internet for City fans.

Manchester City Football Club may not understand the power of the Internet just yet but the 30 or so City fans that have emailed me recently expressing their desire to help Blue View obviously do.

This message board is very important to City fans whether you live in Manchester, Jersey, St Lucia or Australia. I don’t think we would ever get one as good as Blue View.

Please send me your contributions and I will pass them on to Doug to ensure he can keep the best football message board going for the forseeable future.

Bob Young (


My wife and I own a web design company in San Diego and can have access to server space so we may be able to help. I would need to know exactly what scripts would be running and how much space etc. If you need help with the web design too let me know.

Bob Narindra : : (


On the build-up to the WorldNet98 Internet Football tournament on the 18th/19th July, a mini-tournament with 4 teams was played on Sunday. The participants were Derby, Leicester, Leeds and Man City.

This was our first match and first tournament rolled into one. The format was for each team to play each other once, 15 minutes each way.

Our first match was against Leeds, who are one of the top seeds to win the WorldNet tournament at 8-1. We are (or should I say were) 80-1 to win. The game was fought out well from both sides and we scored first. They levelled shortly after and scored the winner close to the end. If this wasn’t our first match (ever), from the attempts we had on goal and the way we battled we would have won.

The second match was against Leicester. It was a closely fought match, one of the closest I have ever seen in fact. The fact we won 7-0 didn’t do Leicester justice! Our first win as an Internet team and well deserved.

The third match was against Derby. Tiredness, injury and cramp started to creep in, which resulted in a well fought out win for the Blues. 3-2 was the final score which placed us second in the overall tournament with Leeds winning.

Well done all the lads who turned out, 16 in all. For our first match/tournament as a reformed Internet football team we played with real spirit and fought hard in every match. We all look forward to playing in the WorldNet tournament in 2 weeks time.

Well done Jonathan Jones for scoring about 6 goals (if not more) – shame you’re going to be in Australia for the WorldNet tournament… you’ve been described as our s**t-hot stiker – well done lad.

On the back of this tournament, Roger who is running the book on the WorldNet tournament has reduced our odds from 80-1 to 20-1. Should have sent my bet in last week. Damn!

Dave Barker – Manager McVitee FC (


I was in that sports shop in Carnaby Street the other day and saw what I think is the new City away kit, but after reading this morning’s MCIVTA, I’m not so sure. It was dark blue (similar to the blue that Argentina wore against England) with white stripes under the arm (or was there a flash of yellow in there somewhere?). The badge, though the same as last season, was really small, and it had the traditional Kappa logos on the sleeves. There was no sponsor’s name on the shirt. The reason why I thought it was the away kit was that they were selling the old laser blue as well. I really like the shirt, a million times better than some of the away kit disasters we’ve had over the years (and better than some of the home ones too), but I’ll be disappointed if it is the home kit. I’m fond of the laser (blue or turquoise, it doesn’t matter, it looks like the ‘real’ Man City blue to me, the one I wore proudly as an eight year old) colour. Also, how many kits are we supposed to buy? That will be four new kits in two seasons (laser, yellow and black, black and white, this dark blue), are Kappa being a bit Umbroesque in their frequency of kit changes?

The other thing is, I’m moving to Bristol shortly, so Bristol-based Blues (especially any working at UWE), get in touch.

David Sweeting (


Lots of changes this month, too many to mention!

To confirm, Foster did sign for Carlisle.
Ian Brightwell free transfer to Coventry.
Ian Bishop transfer listed.
Neil Brisco released.
Danny Tiatto signed for £300,000 from FC Baden.

Tommy Wright
Nick Weaver
Martyn Margetson Released
Michael Brown Released
Richard Acton Released
Gerard Wiekens
Tony Vaughan
Richard Edghill
Anthony Fenton
Nick Fenton
David Morley
Murtaz Shelia
Richard Jobson
Danny Tiatto
Kit Symons Transfer Listed
Paul Beesley Transfer Listed
Scott Hiley Released
Kakhaber Tskhadadze Released
Ben Burrows Released
Anthony Callaghan Released
Benn Gallagher Released
Rae Ingram Released
Kevin Horlock
Jamie Pollock
Lee Crooks
Gary Mason
Jeff Whitley
Jim Whitley
Michael Brown
Eddie McGoldrick Transfer Listed
Ged Brannan Transfer Listed
Nigel Clough Transfer Listed
Martin Phillips Transfer Listed
Neil Heaney Transfer Listed
Ian Bishop Transfer Listed
Scott Thomas Released
Neil Brisco Released
Chris Pridham Released
Paul Dickov
Lee Bradbury
Chris Greenacre
Barry Conlon
Shaun Goater
Alan Bailey
Mikhail Kavalashvili (on loan to Grasshoppers Z