Newsletter #308

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An absolutely packed issue with news of Georgians, league readjustments, Summerbee and Euronet. There’s also an extensive report on Euronet and the amazing news that we have finally won some silverware! There is also an excellent article by Martin Beckett on the pros and cons of clubs floating on the stock market, news of the MCIVTA T-shirt, a video review, as well as discussion on the new shirt, opinion and a good Why Blue.

This one goes out to 1,510!

Next game, Blackpool away, Wednesday 16th July 1997


This morning’s Guardian (Friday 27th) reports that the Premier League will introduce 2 down/2 up from the season after next. The Nationwide League is believed to agree to this, in return for cash from the PL to fund youth training and such like.

Whether or not this will mean the end of the play-offs is not reported; I rather suspect not, on account of the money-spinning aspect – in which case it will be even harder to get promoted. Given that, we had better make sure that we get promoted next season, and that we have a squad that can hold its own.

Having just checked the official City site – somewhat apprehensively – to clock the new badge and kit, I was quite pleasantly surprised. I had thought that we might have lost the old crest completely – not so, as it is in effect the centre of the new crest. Likewise the new kit – despite my disappointment that we have not got at least a hint of maroon/claret, whatever you might like to call it, in evidence – it looks pretty smart.

Jeremy Poynton (


I was surprised not to read about Arveladze’s move to Ajax. It is known here for two days that he’ll join them. They are only discussing terms and he is offered a 2 million guilder wage a year, about £700,000 for five years. Nothing about his price, by the way. What about his brother? He may be easier to catch…

Gerben de Noord (


Georgian striker Shota Arveladze has decided to join Ajax in a £2.5 million deal, according to a report in tonight’s (Monday’s) MEN. City are now expected to turn their attention to young Norwegian striker Ole Martin

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